Victoria Secret Bedroom

I designed and decorated this room back in May 2007. This room was for a 14 year old girl named Ashley. Sadly the photos I took were blurry. My digital camera died about a week later after the photos were taken.
Please see my NEW POST about this room {HERE}

This is one of my favorite rooms I have ever done. (Probably because of all the pink!) I found the bedding on Victoria Secret's website and used it as my inspiration.
I painted the canvas over the bed to match the "Pink Love" pillows. The stripes I painted came out great also. It was really fun to design this room!

link to original blog post here.


  1. hii im doing my room victoria secret to and im trying to find like pictures to hang around my wall and the one above the bed where did you find that ? or would you know where i could find them at

  2. Hello!

    I actually painted it myself on the canvas. I just bought a canvas at Hobby Lobby.


  3. Heyy, i'm doing a victorias secret room and i was curious, what shades for paint and brand did you use? thanks!

  4. Hey Everyone!

    I posted a updated post about the Victoria Secret room! I listed the paint colors on it and more photos!

    Check it out here:

  5. where did u find that bedding?

  6. The bedding was sold on Victoria Secrets website. :)


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