Kitchen Dreaming

So, when you are sitting at a home & garden show for 12 hours straight, you get bored and start daydreaming. I did drag my husband down with me for the weekends. So, this past Saturday we sat in my booth thinking about our "future" kitchen. Totally DREAMING of what we could do with it. (Even though we don't even have an offer in on the house) But when you love to Decorate,..you can't help but start picturing the rooms in your head and planning it out!! Its just what I do!!! ;) lol

Here is the design I made for our Ikea kitchen that we hope to "make/buy/design" whatever you want to call it. We plan on doing some red walls, and chrome backdrop that Ikea sells.

I want to paint this on a wall in the kitchen!

I love this furniture & I plan on painting the floors white.

These are the IKEA kitchen cabinets we will probably get,....these are the ones we can "afford"! lol


  1. I think those cabinets in the last pic ar ethe ones I used for my dining room "buffet". They're great with cool handles. I want an Ikea kitchen too - badly. This oak nightmare I have is killing me.

  2. You should paint them!! I would, I couldn't live with it. AAHHHH!!!


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