Home & Garden Show

Here's some photos from the Home Show I am currently doing! Its going really well for me, people are very interested in my Interior Design Business. Its scarey putting myself out there, because I am nervous. Its great for my "design" self-esteem though. People love my designs!!
The first 3 photos are pieces of furniture I love. The red table is an old white tulip table that a woman took to a Auto Body Shop and had painted RED!!! (I might just have to do that to the IKEA table when I buy it!!!!) The Red chair is priced at $8000!!! Even worse, the couch, $20,000! How about, NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Thats just crazy! I think I'll shop around! LOL The last photo is Me in my booth talking to some friends that stopped by to say "hi"! (I am the short blonde in the booth)


  1. That auto body shop idea is genius! IT is the best candy apple red that you can imagine, isn't it? i'm sure Saarinen would just swoon. Good luck at your show - I'm sure you'll get lots of business!

  2. I love the RED table!! I never would of thought of taking something to an auto body shop!! Imagine all the colors you could get! Thanks for the luck. :)

  3. I have a couch from EQ3 that looks almost identical to that pistachio one you posted. And I have the Commander Swivel chair in orange from EQ3 that is like a cheap version of the egg chair (it's not as nice but I'm not forking out that kind of money on a chair). :) Gotta love knock-offs.


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