Twiggy Mirror

I love the Twiggy Mirror, but the reality of me ever having it ,....not gonna happen. I have only found it for $199.00 for a 12"x12"!! Come on, I want the 24"x24" which is $299.00! So, forget it. There are to many other things my heart desires. Such as the Orbit Chair, priced at $99.00 each. Not to bad. Atleast its not like the Panton Chair, that I can only find for $209.00 each! Of course that is the chair I want more than any other chairs. Why must I have a chair fetish??? Then there is one thing I will have for sure, the Docksta Table from IKEA priced at $149.00.

If anyone knows where the Twiggy mirror is cheaper, please let me know! :) LOL


  1. That Docksta table is so ridiculously popular!!! I LOVE IT! But they've never carried it at the Ottawa Ikea. Bastards.

    Can't help you with Twiggy mirror - I don't think I've ever even seen it before.

  2. Ya, I know the table is popular, but still no one that comes over to my house will have it! lol

    I hate it when NOT all IKEA stores have the same stuff. It does piss you off.

  3. Like this Ikea doesn't sell fabric. It did years ago then POOF - no more.


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