DOMINO Dining Rooms

I love DOMINO magazine! Here are some Dining Rooms that I like!
I am not a fan of "wood" furniture. So, the wood table would be replaced
with something white and plastic! I love the table and light fixture in the last photo!


  1. You beat me - I was going to use that first photo next week in a tulip chair post. :P (Although I think that pic has been around so I'll use it anyway.) Domino has the best pics! I adore that second photo - beautiful colours!

  2. Oh god, I don't care if you use it!! lol :) I am going to have a hard time finding stuff that you guys don't have already!! I have a had time finding stuff. That why I love your blog!

    Yes, the purple in the 2nd picture is very different. I love the tall ceilings!

  3. Jessie great blog! Another one to add to my daily reads.


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