Goodbye OHIO

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I lived in OHIO my whole life. I moved from OHIO in August of 2011 to start my military life with my husband Cody. Now we live in the state of Wyoming. Before I left Ohio I made a list of things I hoped to do.  I didn't do all of them BEFORE I moved, but when I visit I hope to continue to work on the list:

OHIO PAGE Things I have done 650x70

{2010 - 2011}
*Visit the Dayton Air Force Museum
*Go to Kings Island Amusement park
*Fishing with my Dad
*Visit the Cincinnati Art Museum
*Go to the Zoo
*Go antiquing with my friend Dan

*Visit Fountain Square & Downtown Cincinnati
*Visit the Ohio Valley Antique Mall (no post)
*Went to Valley Thrift Store
*The Columbus Zoo
*Went to the Krohn Flower Show
*The Cincinnati Zoo
*Went to the Cincinnati History Museum (no post)

OHIO PAGE Things I want to do 650x70

*Go to a Cincinnati Bengals Football Game
*Go to Metamoria, Indiana in the springtime
*Plant flowers with my mom
*Visit the Dayton Art Museum
*Visit the Newport Aquarium
*Help my mom clean out her garage
*Play Putt-Putt with my friends

Everytime I visit Ohio, I will add all my blog posts to this list.
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