Photo A Day // June

Day152 Muffins enjoying some sunshine 6.1.13 #jessie365
Muffins enjoying some sunshine
Day153 First ride with clip in pedals.  Success, rode 28 miles.  I used muscles I didn't even know that I had! Ouch. 6.2.13 #jessie365 #cannondale #seashepherdDay154 It's very odd to see Antelope grazing in front of a Burger King. 6.3.13 #jessie365
First clip in pedal ride // Antelope in front of Burger King,...strange.
Day155 Got my cute necklace from nerd-burger.com!  Love it!!! 6.4.13    #jessie365 Thanks @nerdburgercazzDay156 Just Me 6.5.13 #jessie365
Minnie Mouse Nerd Burger Necklace // Just Me
Day157 The cabinets in my kitchen are about half way done being painted.  It's taking forever!  Can't wait to be finished. 6.6.13 #jessie365
Kitchen cabinet painting progress
Day159 Dreaming about building a tiny home 6.8.13 #jessie365Day160 Beautiful outside today 6.9.13 #jessie365
Dreaming about Tiny Houses // Beautiful weather
Day158 Baked some vegan cupcakes (I may end up having a sugar high) 6.7.13 #jessie365
Vegan cupcakes
Day161 Got stuck out biking in a thunderstorm.  Sat in a tunnel while it passed. 6.10.13 #jessie365
Got stuck out in a thunderstorm while cycling
Day162 I need more Converse 6.11.13 #jessie365Day163 I am loved :) 6.12.13   #jessie365
I want more Converse // I am loved
Day164 What I thought was weeds in my backyard is actually flowers.  Glad I didn't pull them! 6.13.13 #jessie365Day165 Wyoming skies are amazing! 6.14.13 #jessie365
Flowers I thought were weeds // Beautiful Sky in Wyoming
Day166 Did my first real road ride today.  Climbed hills I didn't think I could!  It was amazing and painful at the same time. Lol  Going out again tomorrow. :) 6.15.13 #jessie365
First real road ride. Also the hardest ride I've accomplished so far // 30 miles
Day167 Another 30 mile painful ride today.  Felt good, but now I rest! Lol 6.16.13 #jessie365
Next day did another 30 mile road ride. Can feel the muscles building in my legs finally. SUCCESS!
Love this showYes :)
Love this show // New button (thanks Aubrey!)
Barrett being super cute
Day172 at the park 6.21.13 #jessie365Day171 Kitchen is starting to look good! 6.20.13 #jessie365
At the park // Kitchen Progress
Day173 Took Muffins hiking.  It was a great day! #jessie365 6.22.13Day175 My favorite vintage ring.  Belonged to my great grandmother. 6.24.13 #jessie365
Took Muffins hiking // My favorite vintage ring
Day174 Hiked at Curt Gowdy State Park today!  Beautiful. 6.23.13 #jessie365
Us at Curt Gowdy State Park, WY
Day176 New (vintage) green couch and new chevron pillow 6.25.13 #jessie365Day189 Saw a real life tiny house today parked in a parking lot. 6.27.13 #jessie365
Bought a green vintage loveseat // Saw a tiny house in a parking lot
Day188 Great day for a hike after a stressful day at work 6.26.13 #wyoming #jessie365
Vedauwoo National Forest, my favorite place in Wyoming (so far!)
Day190 This is how Simon helps me do my work/filing.  Lol 6.28.13 #jessie365
Simon "helping" me organize my paperwork for my new job.
Day190 Vegan cookie :) 6.29.13 #jessie365Day181 Amazing ride today, 45 miles.  I have a new record to beat now. :) Yay! Great way to end the month.  6.30.13 #jessie365
Vegan cookie // Longest ride so far EVER, 45 miles in one day!!

What a great month. The weather was perfect for lots of outdoor activities.
We hiked and biked a lot and had some friends visit us. June was simply awesome.

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  1. :) Oh I love "Freaks and Geeks." I stumbled upon it not all that long ago and religiously watched every episode. It's one of those shows that I just don't know why it was canceled.

    1. I felt the exact same way!!!! It is so good. I love the humor in it. I was sad that it took me this long to discover it. I thought it ended well though, since it did only have one season. We were watching it everyday and I would get sadder and sadder knowing that we were almost out of episodes to watch. hahaha

  2. I can't wait to read Compact Cabins!


    1. It's a really neat book with lots of building ideas. It has houses that even go up to a 1000 sq ft. I love design, so I really enjoy looking at floor plans. I am a dork like that. hahaha


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