Netflix Must See: Nature: Animal Odd Couples

At first I thought this movie was a bit cheesy. As I watched it though I found it very moving and inspiring. I always see photos online of animals that are a bit "odd" together. Yet I've never seen actually video footage of it. The film shares remarkable stories about animals that have built friendships outside their own species. It proves that animals do have emotions and do seek similar things that humans do, such as friendship, companionship and love.


The story in the film that made me shed some tears, was a story about a blind horse and an old goat. The goat somehow learned that the horse was blind and started leading the horse everywhere for 16 years. The goat would never leave his side. It was such a heart touching story.


There was also a cute story about a male lion and a female coyote that had been raised together at an animal sanctuary. Neither animal shows any signs of knowing they are different. They live and play together daily as if it's "normal".


This movie left me feeling like there is hope in the world for peace. If animals that are natural born predictors can be raised together and live peacefully, people should be able to do the same. We as a species could learn so much from wildlife if we would just learn to pay attention. The main lesson that we could learn is compassion.

If you don't have Netflix it's okay, here is the full episode....

This is a scheduled post while I am on vacation in California! Be back soon! :)


  1. When Matt and I visited my parents this past weekend, we watched this right before we went to bed. We liked it. We especially liked the blind horse and how the goat would lead on one side when the horse was just blind in one eye and would then lead in front when the horse went completely blind.

    We also watched "Shelter Me" and really really enjoyed it too.

    1. I will check out Shelter Me. I haven't heard of it. I am always looking for new things to watch. Thanks. :)

  2. I also enjoyed this documentary! Netflix just added a bunch of Nature docs, I loved Racoon Nation and Koala Code :)

    1. I will have to check those out. Netflix seems to be getting better about adding new things often.


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