Color of the Month // Turquoise

COTM May Turquoise1
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COTM May turq2
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COTM May turq3
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Turquoise is defiantly one of my favorite colors. I love that there are so many different shades of it. Turquoise is a great vintage color but also looks modern. I plan to paint one of my bathrooms in a pretty shade of turquoise. I think turquoise hair is gorgeous as well!
How do you feel about the turquoise?
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  1. I always thought I didn't really like the colour but this collage is so pretty! I'm in love with all of the clothing haha. I think turquoise hair would look pretty on you! :D

    1. Maybe you should buy a piece of turquoise clothing to try it out. :) I'm sure it would look pretty on you!

  2. LOVE this collage. Turquoise (especially when combines with pink) is my favorite. I love the turquoise hair and converse shoes.

  3. oooh, the hair in #3 is soooo pretty! That Pyrex collection is pretty impressive as well!

  4. I LOVE Turquoise! Favoriteeeeee!! I want everything... especially the hair again.

  5. Love those sparkly shoes. So mermaid like.


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