Day91 Last day in Ohio 4.1.13 #jessie365
Our last day in Ohio
Day92 Driving home to Wyoming! Glad the sun is out today :) 4.2.13Day93 Bought the new Justin Timberlake album. 4.3.13 #jessie365
Me on the drive home // Got the new Justin Timberlake album
Day94 spent a lot of time at Lowes today. Dreaming of new things for our house! 4.4.13 #jessie365Day97 Vegan Enchiladas for dinner tonight / recipe via The Happy Herbivore Cookbook! 4.8.13 #jessie365
Finding color inspiration // Vegan Enchiladas for dinner
Day96 Our kitties are happy we are back home :) 4.6.13 #jessie365 #cats #kitty
The kitties were happy we were home again!
Day95 hung my Smurf shelf in my office 4.5.13 #jessie365Day98 winter has returned! Boo! 4.9.13 #jessie365
Smurf Shelf // Snow Again
Day99 snowing outside, but the flowers inside Home Depot are beautiful! 4.9.13 #jessie365 #nofilter
Beautiful flowers at Home Depot
Day101 How we spend a Friday night, playing Plants VS Zombies! 4.12.12 #jessie365Day101 My Heart Necklace 4.11.13 #jessie365
Addicted to Plants VS Zombies // My heart necklace
Day100 Antelopes crossing the road on base 4.10.13 #jessie365
Antelopes crossing the road
Day102 Hooked on Adventure Time 4.13.13 #jessie365Day103 Removing wallpaper in the kitchen and staging a few things :) 4.14.13 #jessie365
Loving Adventure Time // Staging items in my kitchen
Day104 Barrett watching the snow come down 4.15.13 #jessie365
Barrett watching it snow outside
Day105 Lots of tea this week, since it's still snowing and cold outside! 4.16.13 #jessie365Day106 still snowing! #jessie365 4.17.13
Lots of tea this month // Also lots of snow!
Day107 Cutest jacket at Target.  (Toddler size) too bad it won't fit me! Lol 4.18.13 #jessie365Day109 Been eating lots of pineapple lately. 4.20.13 #jessie365
Cutest toddler jacket EVER // Eating lots of pineapple lately
Day108 Being 1200 miles away from my parents isn't easy! Missing them told. Photo taken in 1983!  #jessie365 4.19.13
Missing my parents - Photo was taken back in 1983
Day110 Painting our kitchen 4.21.13Day111 cuddling with this guy 4.22.13 #jessie365
Painting our kitchen // Cuddling with Norman
Day112 Doodling 4.23.13 #jessie365
Owl drawing
Day113 I love Bell Peppers 4.24.13 #jessie365Day115 Relaxing with Chloe 4.25.13 #jessie365
I heart bell peppers // Relaxing with Chloe
Day116 My Peace Lilly has a bloom! :) 4.26.13 #jessie365Day118 Spray painted some vintage lamps for my living room 4.28.13 #jessie365
Peace Lilly bloom // Spray painted some vintage lamps
Day117 Great day for a ride today // 17 miles 4.27.13 #jessie365 #cannondale
Went for a bike ride, 17 miles
Day119 Fruit in our kitchen 4.29.13 #jessie365Day120 Put my old bike on the trainer today 4.30.13 #jessie365
Fruit bowl in our kitchen // Riding on the bike trainer

April was an interesting month. Lots and lots of snow. When other people were out and about enjoying sunshine we found ourselves snowed in! Defiantly not been good on our mental state since we want be out riding our bikes. We did however get one ride in at the end of the month. At the beginning of the month I was still traveling back from Ohio. It seems like it was forever ago that I was there. My favorite photo of the month is probably the one I took of the old picture of my parents and I. I've been missing my parents a lot more lately.

Hopefully soon I can start planting some flowers and shrubs. I'm ready for lots of Vitamin D!
How was your April?


  1. I haven't seen my parents for a year and a half, but luckily for me I get to see them and my friends for a full three weeks. Excited!

    I definitely understand what you mean by missing them because I surely miss my family and friends back home, but then I'll be missing David the entire time.

    1. I know, I always miss Cody like crazy when we are apart. I am so glad that you get to visit your family! How exciting. That's a long time to go without seeing them. I'm not sure when I will get to visit mine again.


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