*New Bedding*

I purchased new bedding from Sears. It is from Ty Pennington's Collection...

New Bedding / January 2010

I wanted a new look in the my bedroom. I want my room to be more "grown up" looking instead of all the PINK. Click {HERE} to see the old bedding. It will be awhile before I get finish this room. I used all my IKEA gift cards from Xmas for things to remodel our bathroom. The bathroom comes first!

Here is a design board I made a few months ago with ideas for my bedroom makeover...

My Bedroom Makeover Design Board

Of course, I already found different bedding then I originally picked out! lol I am sure I will keep changing my mind! Now I have to hunt down some purple & hot pink throw pillows! {or make something!}


  1. Beautiful new bedding! Looks great with the turquoise walls. Can't wait to see the hot pink pillows. Sooo happy to seeing you blogging. Keep it up, girl!

  2. Hi, I really like your website and the bedroom, looking forward to the pink pillows. Good job Jess, I still miss you at the mall.

  3. What color is the paint? LOVE IT.

  4. Marty, Yes, it's an awesome color! It's called Classic Turquoise. The swatch was from Wal-mart / KILZ paint brand. I either used BEHR or Glidden paint from Home Depot. (Had it matched)


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