*Bold Patterns*

Hello! I needed to post something! Working at an Antique mall is really making me realize how much I love VINTAGE stuff. I actually have rented a booth of my own at the mall I work at. (I will post pictures soon.) I also need to post pictures of some of the cool stuff I have bought. :)

For now though, I am just posting about some stuff I love to look at. This cool pillow is from Henry Road. I really want to make pillows that look like this!

Or how about a Bedspread made from vintage scarfs!! I love the colors and patterns!!

I actually was looking for Black & White shower curtains and found this stuff. Still haven't found the "perfect" shower curtain for my hall bathroom. I think I have decided to decorate it Black & White. I have so much color everywhere else in my house. I want to find something very MOD with a strong 1960's feel. I like this floral one from Target.

Its a bit busy, but I think I could pull it off! lol ;)

We are working on our Master Bedroom again. Our new IKEA opens next week, and we hope to get it ready by then. We plan on buying a bed and all new furniture for our bedroom. I am very excited to decorate the room FINALLY! I think its going to turn out great. I am working on picking out the bedding. I love this new bedding from Target!

I still love this IKEA bedding.

I might just buy something that is a SOLID color. I don't want the room to be to crazy! We'll see.

Again, sorry that my posts are lacking. All I do right now is work.


  1. Glad to see you posted! I'm excited for new pictures from your house! The orange bedding rocks.

  2. Hey! So Glad your posting agine, I been missing your mod blogging. btw That Target bedding is Fab! might have to get it also, totaly love the Color orange. Cant wait to see the pics of your booth your opening. Hope to see ya here soon!

  3. Hey! I tagged you, check my blog to see what to do if you're interested.

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  5. wow!! very kewl..love the scraf bed spread..inspiring!!

    blog hopping...
    care to exchange links??


    warm regards!

  6. I love big, bold patterns and colors and am in desperate need of some new bedding. Your blog is an inspiration!

  7. Very very cute! You might like these Art Nouveau sheets I saw on ElegantLinensPC.com. I love the Chocolate/White combination. It's a good website for better quality linens.

  8. I love your blog, mod and vintage. Your house is awesome! ...and I just love your pictures! (I'm in a hairshow this week, and of course I am "Ms. 1960" *grin*)

  9. I am looking for the same decorative pillows & decorative beds with modern look & style !!

  10. The orange dots comforter from Ikea is in my son's room and it really pops against the charcoal gray walls.

  11. I love the scraf bedding!

  12. where can I find that orange dotted bedspread??? I want that so bad!

  13. Keykerz, that orange bedding is from IKEA, but I don't know if they sell it anymore. They might! www.ikea.com


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