Finally Back!

Well,.....my laptop is still down, but my husband was sweet enough to hook up my old computer for me. A friend of mine is in the process of rebuilding my laptop for me. He told me that the virus was that bad. He is going to be able to save my photos though. (Thank goodness) I have really missed blogging, and especially reading everyone elses. :(

I am now working 7 days a week though,....so even with a computer, I do not have alot of free time. I will just have to spend each day looking at one blog at a time so that I can catch up. Hopefully I will get back into the groove of things soon. :)

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Oh my gosh I've missed my blogging buddy!! I've checked practically every day to see if you've made it back...I'm glad you're back online and that your stuff can be saved!

  2. i saw you on Desire To Inspire and am so glad to see you back on blogland! hope you've been well...

    missing your frequent presence on my blog!

  3. I missed you...glad you're back!


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