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Okay, here I go. Taking some time to post something. ;) I am so tired and working long hours and everyday. I like working, and I like the money, but I can't do anything else. :( So here is a post kinda about what I've been doing since mid-December.

Well, Xmas came, and went. Along with my birthday. So, glad its all over now. I always get Hello Kitty something for Xmas. I got this cute little calendar that I hung in my closet. I love it.

Here is Cody, Muffins, and me on Xmas morning.

WooHoo! Got my barstools FINALLY!

I also got Photoshop Elements!!!!! Of course it doesn't do you any good if your computer gets a virus, and crashes. :(

Here is where I have been.......

I will be spending lots of days and hours behind this customer service counter. This is my new full time job! As an assistant manager at a new antique mall opening up near my home. This is a photo of our store sign going up! How exciting!

I had talked about working at IKEA in the past. I am very glad that I changed my mind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job!! I am working with great people and it feels like family. Here is some photos of some booths....

These are just some that I like so far. I will take more photos later. (If I ever have time! HA!) The antique dealers are just now moving in. Our store opens on Jan 31st to the public. Its going to be crazy! I have decided to rent some spaces at the mall. I will have those to design and decorate soon. (If I get a day or two off!!) The house is slow. Not to many projects happening. I have attempted to do some collages.

Basically the picture above is as far as it got..... thats a post for another day.

There is always cats on my bed,...that never changes. lol ;) Something that has changed is some new artwork in my living room. YEAH! Drey sent them to me all the way from Austraila. To make it even cooler,... Jo from Desire to Inspire drew them! Its so neat to see them hanging in my home. :) (Reminds me of Two blogger friends that Inspire me!!)

So, now I have something in my corner. I hope to hang a Roy Licthenstein print on the other side.

Thanks for stopping by! I am sorry my posts are lacking,...and especially sorry that my comments are very lacking. :( Once I get my laptop back I will be able to atleast sit in bed on my computer! ( I don't need sleep, just blogging. lol )


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Those are my prints. I get so excited seeing my work in people's homes. Congrats on your new job. I used to work in an antique centre and it's very dangerous. So much went home with me!

  2. wheeee they look at home in that corner :) i'm glad you got them ok and that YOU are ok!

    get some REST SOON!

  3. Hi Jessie! So happy to see a post! Thanks for filling us in. Wow, congrats on the job. Sounds perfect. I can't imagine loving a job, I've never liked a job that I've worked. I'm so happy for you. Looks like I would have trouble taking money home - I like those orange lamps!

    I love your barstools! And Jo's art looks great! And the pic of you and your husband is so sweet!

    Can't wait to see more pics from the antique mall.

  4. What a fun place to work! Love the Hello Kitty calendar!

  5. You have my dream job!!!! That antiques mall looks like fun! I love that hoosier in one of the booths. Good luck at the new store!

  6. We travel to Ohio a good deal on buying trips - where's the new mall?

    We are always looking for new places to shop!

  7. Wow, that store looks amazing! If I ever do an antique/thrifting roadtrip like I've been threatening to do for a long time, I'll be there.

  8. The new mall is close to Jungle Jims, in the Cincinnati area.

  9. I'm so jealous of your job! If I didn't have 2 little ones, I would so go and rejuvenate our local "antique mall"!

  10. those are 5 cats on the bed. how do you deal with cat hair? we have three cats on the bed and i'm about to have a fit.

  11. Interesting to know.


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