Photo A Day // May

Day121 May snow showers bring May flowers???? I hope so at least! 5.1.13 #jessie365
Snow storm arrives on May 1st
Day122 Blue nails to brighten my mood 5.2.13 #jessie365Day123 Going to attempt to teach myself to knit 5.3.13 #jessie365
Blue nails // Bought my first knitting supplies
Day124 Beautiful Flowers at Lowes 5.4.13 #jessie365
Flower shopping for our yard
Day125 Prepping the cabinets so that we can paint them 5.5.13 #jessie365Day129 Watching Bob Burgers! Love this show! 5.9.13 #jessie365
Prepping our cabinets for paint // Enjoying Bob's Burgers
Day126 Happy Kitty 5.6.13 #jessie365
Simon is a happy kitty
Day127 This stuff...amazing. Trying to drink only 1 cup a day is tricky! 5.7.13 #jessie365Day128 Always animals at my feet 5.8.13 #jessie365
Starbucks at home // Always pets at my feet
Day130 Beautiful outside today 5.10.13 #jessie365
Finally having some sunny days
Day131 Planted my first flowers today 5.11.13 #jessie365Day133 Today Cody and I have been married 7 years! 5.13.13 #jessie365
Planted my first flowers in the yard // Married 7 years!!!
Great day for a sunny ride!
I love my ride - rode 30 miles
Day134 Finally understanding knitting 5.14.13Day135 Breakfast for dinner. Tofu Scramble Burrito and Chocolate Pancakes! Yum! 5.15.13 #jessie365 #veganfood
Understanding how to knit // Tofu Scramble and Chocolate Pancakes
Day136 My mice are so cute while eating their corn 5.16.13 #jessie365Day137 Got my first LUSH magazine in the mail today. Yay to vegan makeup! 5.17.13 #jessie365 #vegan
My cute little pet mouse // Lush makeup catalog
Water break // 25 mile ride today 5.18.13 Day138
Me attempting to look like a badass cyclist (still far from it. haha)
Day140 Knitting and cats! Crazy cat lady in the making! 5.20.13 #jessie365Working on the yard
Knitting going well // Mushrooms in my yard
Day139 Watched our close friend race today! Very fun time!  He is the reason I cycle! 5.19.13 #jessie365 #bikerace
Watched our friend ride in a mountain bike race. It was very inspiring.
KnittingWorking on the yard
Knitted my first project // Been working on my yard
Day145 Bookcase in my office 5.25.13 #jessie365Day146 Decorating my guest bedroom 5.26.13 #jessie365
Photo of my office // Decorating the guest bedroom
Day144 Enjoying some Yogi tea! 5.24.13 #jessie365
Some inspiration from my tea bag: YOU ARE UNLIMITED
Day148 Beautiful flowers in my yard 5.28.13 #jessie365Day149 Yawn. 5.29.13 #jessie365
Flowers in my backyard // Yawn
Day127 Lady bug landed on my glasses 5.27.13 #jessie365
Lady bug landed on my glasses
Day150 Cold enough for Stewie pajama pants 5.30.13 #jessie365Day151 Finally bought clip in pedals for my bike.  For non cyclists, that means my shoes will be attached to my pedals giving me more power.  Also, I'll be crashing a few times till I get the hang of it. ;) #jessie365
Stewie Pajama pants // Got clip-in pedals for my bike!

I'm really sad that May is over. I lost two good weeks of bike riding because I had a head cold. I feel like time is flying by so quickly. The good thing about feeling this way though is that I'm super motivated to get my butt in gear. I'm ready to get outside more and enjoy the beautiful weather. May was still a good month overall. I taught myself how to knit, planted some flowers in my yard and spent less time blogging. I'm ready for some more adventures. Lets do this June!!!

How was your May? Do you have anything exciting planned for June?


  1. I love your attempt to look like a bad-ass biker. I think you're pulling it off but those heart glasses aren't helping your bad-ass cause. ;) Cheers to a lovely month!

    I'm very much looking forward to June and have some exciting plans ahead. :)

    1. hahaha Thanks. I love my heart shaped sunglasses. I'm not into spending a $100 on proper cycling glasses. I am very dangerous with sunglasses. I have a bad habit of breaking them. I will stick with cheap and cute. ;) I want to look like a cyclist but still be Jessie.

      I think June is going to be a great month. Now that the weather is going to stay nice finally. Lots of outdoor adventures! Yay!

  2. Cute and bad ass! I can't wait to hear more about your biking adventures- it really seems like you have some amazing inspiration and good support to get it done. I hope that you have another great month~


    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing that you love the bike rides because it's not for everyone. I know some of my readers don't "love" hearing about it all the time. lol It's just a huge part of my life right now, especially with the nice weather. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I love all these shots and of course the snow lover in me loves the snow photo :)

    1. You and your snow! ;) hahaha You would probably love Wyoming.

  4. Awesome pictures! Happy June!

    giveaway on my blog! x

  5. I feel the same way about time flying by! It's so hard to believe you all got snow in May. It was nice down here in Alabama for a while, but now we're in the usual hot and humid mode.

    1. Gosh, humidity is horrible. You can't go outside past like 8am. :( It was really bad when we lived in Ohio. As much as I don't like Wyoming at times it is nice to not have the major heat here. I guess everywhere you live has pro's and con's. I'm relieved the snow is gone. haha

  6. I adore the photo of the ladybird on your specs!!

    And all the cat pics.. crazy cat lady bloggers unite ;)

    New follower x


    1. Thanks Jade. I was so lucky to be able to snap a photo before the lady bug flew away. That is probably one of my favorite photos I took in May. :) Glad you like my blog, I'll head over to yours to say hi. :)

  7. YAY! Look at all your knitting. Congrats on teaching yourself. That' so rad.

  8. I love the black and white photo of you!

    1. Me too! ;) I wanted to take more self portraits this year. Of course, Cody took that one. Still I really love the moment he captured. Making black and white made it dramatic. hahaha

  9. Replies
    1. It was a great month. I think June will be better. ;) That is why I love Instagram. It really gives you a chance to capture everyday moments that would usually just be forgotten. Thanks for stopping by! And yes you should start knitting. I bet you would love it!


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