Time to say goodbye...

Sad but Happy news today. You may have read it on my monthly mosaic post, but if not here it goes.... My husband and I put our house up for sale. Life has decided to throw us a curve ball in 2010.
Front House 2
My husband lost his job a week before Christmas and our life changed over night. We had to decide what we were going to do with our home. I do not make enough money at my job to pay the mortgage, not to mention all the other bills. We were really upset at first, but now its March and we are excited. We do not want to have the stress of living check by check. Lucky for us, before my husband got fired, I paid off my Mac computer, our car and our credit card debt. :) So, things could be worse.
Front House 1
I will miss our home. Its hard to walk away with all the hard work my husband & I have put into it. I want a better life and a better future. Sadly THIS home will not be in it. My husband waited 2 weeks before he finally told me one night that he wanted to join the Air Force. I didn't "flip out" the way he thought I would. I was understanding and listened to all he had to say. Really, the Air Force is awesome. They really take care of their people. I feel we have no solid future here in OHIO and I feel at this point in my life change would be good. There is so much I want, that I feel I just can't have. Like a baby, college and money. Well, the Air Force can help me out with all that. Of course the down side is, not knowing where you will live for sure and moving away from family & friends. Its hard. I cried a lot in the month of January. Not wanting to move, quit my job or lose my husband for 8 months. Some things take time. I have thought about it so much now, that I am excited!!!! The chance to save money, have great health care benefits, no housing costs, college and a chance to travel. It just fits for us.

With that all said, I will try my best to keep updating my blog. I just worked 6 days in a row last week and now I am running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off! I have so much to do!!!! Today I ATTACKED my basement. I went through everything I own and threw stuff away. When you know you have to move, you learn to "let go".
Basement / BEFORE
I had so much furniture that was painted and falling apart. Things I had for years. I realized today, that sometimes its just better to go to IKEA and start over. lol Here is the after shot...
Basement / AFTER
It felt good to clean it all up today. For the record, I made it messy by opening boxes up and pulling it all into the room. ( I could never live like that, not even in my basement. )

I decided to share all this with you today because this is going to effect my blog. I have mainly focused on my home all this time, so now I will be decorating somewhere else. ( Probably a small apartment. ) I am up for the challenge. ;) What is life without RISKS?

{ This blog entry is dedicated to Peggy }


  1. I understand what you're going through. As long as you have each other,you will get through all hard days and situations. In my town there are lot of men who work on transporter ships,and are away from their wifes and children for 6 to 10 months a year-it's hard,but manageable. There are almost no other ways to have enough money for living. What I'm trying to say-you're living in a place full of opportunities,and you'll find the way to have everything you need and want - just be positive,faithfull and patient

  2. Although I am truly sorry for this major detour in your life I am so pleased to see you remain hopeful and optimistic about your future :) Too many people want to just give up and play the pity card. This really is an inspirational post. Good luck to you and your husband and I hope and believe that you will achieve everything you set out to accomplish. God bless <3

  3. I am sooo sorry! just remember there are always rainbows after every storm. hang in there!

  4. You took a house that was literally falling apart, and made it into something beautiful. You NEVER gave up with it! That says a lot about you as a person. Good luck!!! :)

  5. Oh sweetie! Thank you! xxoo

    You know I will be here following your journey. I too feel sadness, it feels like I need to let go of your home too, I have so enjoyed following its development.

    But, I think you are right. As one native Ohioan to another, you made the correct decision. You are young. Travel and education is not a luxury, but a necessity. You have each other and your love.

    And I know you will make whatever space you are in beautiful!

    Coincidentally, I did the same thing today. Big piles to the Salvation army. A few pieces to sell, and a few pieces to give to friends. It feels good to let go. I've only let go of a little, but have much more to go.

  6. I just stumbled accross your blog, LOVE the new bathroom!! just love it so brigh and cheerful and great art:)

    Wow, good luck on your adventure. So sorry about the upheaval. But clearly you are brilliant and inspired.
    You will do fabulous things with that small apartment I am sure!

    There is nothing like a trip to sal army. That reminds me i should be cleaning out right now. Truly, good luck I look forward to more beautiful and inspiring posts.

  7. http://www.robynmiddleton.comMarch 21, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    good luck! sorry to hear you have to sell your house. My husband and I are in the Air Force. It is a good life. Secure. One pretty much has to do something illegal to do one's job, and the pension can't be beat if you do 20 years. My favorite was getting to live in germany for 4 years. German's are very MOD with their design.

  8. Have you thought of renting your house? It is such an incredible thing you and your husband have made. I have a house in Westerville Oh and had to move to New York, but have been renting it for the past 2 years.

    Either way you go - you are incredibly talented and looking forward to seeing your next design projects.

  9. Thanks Strati!

    I really don't want to deal with renting it out. I just want a clean break and I don't want to look back. This is so hard on me that its best if I just move on.

    I have no idea where my future is headed and I know someday I will have another home to love. :)


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