Office Makeover!

I was looking at photographs of my office the other night and realized it is way to "cute & girly". I guess that is what happens when you love pink & hello kitty. My office looks very cluttered right now and I hate clutter!!! I am working on "toning" it down a bit. I am thinking about painting my office pink and changing the way I display my hello kitty collection. I want to design a less cluttered contemporary space. I still want my color scheme to be pink & white. I am in love with this pink & white zebra rug from Walmart.

I love animal print and have not be able to place it anywhere in the my house yet. ( Husband hates animal print ) I am currently using a dining room table as my desk in my office.

I want something that is just a plain square lines. It would give me the contemporary look I am seeking. In a perfect world I would buy a Parsons desk from west elm. Pictured below.

I found the photo above from Decor Pad. If you haven't check out their blog before you should! Lots of great photos. I love the look of that home office, but I need pink. lol I am thinking about buying this table from IKEA, since I can't afford a Parsons desk.

I love this photo below of cabinets painted HOT PINK inside and hung on the wall....

I am leaning towards pink walls. I found this image with a design painted on the walls. I really love it!

I love the color "Springtime Bloom" by Behr paint. I just don't know if I want to go that dark since my office is such a small room. I am just bored with the white walls & white furniture.

I have already been moving my furniture around and taking a lot of items out of the room that I felt were just cluttering it up! When I first decorated my office in June of this year I loved it. Now I hate it. I just need to make it contemporary, then I will love it. :)

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  1. I want a Parsons desk too! I sure understand the need to change. I wish I had a large budget to decorate with.


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