May 09

Busy Busy Busy!!!!

All I have really done this month is dig in the dirt and plant. My front yard landscaping is complete! What a great feeling!

First thing, the tree in front of the fireplace had to go!

Last month we cut the tree down, this month someone removed the stump for us!

I was finally able to buy shrubs and retaining wall to build raised flower beds.

Here is the photos with the red mulch!

Now that I am finally finished with the front landscaping, I will now do all the painting that needs done. We did get new modern house numbers to! We haven't decided where they are going to go yet. My husband still has to put white siding on the back of the house. Once we finish the siding and painting we hope to remodel our ugly hall bathroom!!!!! (To see photos of the house 2 years ago when we bought it click here!)

Also, a few months ago I talked about redecorating my guest bedroom. I have worked on that project/room, but I am not happy with it. Plus, my husband and I are thinking about having a baby. Which means I would just end up moving my office to the guest bedroom, which means redecorating the guest bedroom yet again!!! hahaha So, I do not know if that room will ever make the blog. :(


  1. Your flower beds look great! Nice work! What is the really cool looking pom-pom type plant/scrub? It's awesome!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! The tree is actually called a pom-pom tree! lol I love it. I paid alot for it, so hopefully I don't kill it. lol

  3. Quite an improvement from when that old tree was next to the chimney, and those overgrown bushes. The pom-pom tree looks really good there, and I think the red mulch is nice too!

  4. Hi Jessie! I am in awe of your landscaping - it looks great! I swear everything you touch turns out perfect. What a lot of work. You have more energy than I do!

  5. Thanks Peggy! :) I am very tired after all that. I am having a hard time getting myself to go back outside to do all the painting that needs done. :( Hopefully I will get started on the painting soon. Thanks for your sweet comment.



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