January 09'


I was reading through my own blog last night and realized how into blogging I used to be. I miss it! :( I can't believe the way my house used to look, and all the hard work we have done. Just looking back at the pictures make me tired!!! (link)

Now with my husband and I both working full time, house projects got pushed to the back burner. We have lost motivation. :( We look at projects that still need done and think, "Gosh, why can't the house just finish itself!!!" lol

Our red house, is now a white house...

This was a hard decision for me. I was so attached to the red, but I was not attached to the idea of scrapping and repainting the house. We spent all summer putting new white vinyl siding on the house. We have all the front of the house done and the back where our patio is, I just don't have any pictures yet.

The gross hot tub is gone. It actually had a dead animal under it when we moved it!!! Once the hot tub was gone, I bought us a cute patio set. Some day we hope to paint the concrete, and a rug would be nice.

My favorite thing about spring time is going plant & flower shopping with my mom.

No, I didn't buy this awesome plant, but I would like to! My husband and I love this tree. I think its priced around $400,....that is why we do not owe it. Come spring I hope to buy plants to finish the front of the houses landscaping FINALLY. I have to paint all the window trim, facial board, and landscape the front. I have alot of work ahead of me. I plan to try red colored mulch instead of the white gravel I have down now. When I put the white gravel down I thought the house was going to be red. I want some kind of contrast!

Now on to the inside of the house.....

*My Hallway*

My Kylie poster has been hanging in the hallway for about 2 years! I got a new Marilyn Monroe poster to hang next to Kylie! I love the way it looks.

hallway photo collage... I had all these miscellaneous photo frames sitting around, so I tired to use them all up by making a picture wall in our hallway!

I plan to paint all the black frames white. I like white frames in the hallway because it doesn't feel so "busy" or cramped when walking down it.

Retro Clock ~ one of the million things I have bought this year! lol It came from my work.

I got this great table and chairs from my work also!

It needs alot of work! I need to recover the chairs, and maybe someday I will get a nice round rug for my dining area. I love the big red round one that is $299 at IKEA!


I have lots of new collections now that I work at the antique mall. Its branched out into Marilyn Monroe, Pink Teddy Bears, Vintage Flowered Items, and More Hello Kitty....

I bought this doll house basically because it was a heck of a deal, and in hope that someday I might have a little girl to play with it.


My living room basically looks the same, just a few new pieces. I finally have a few houseplants! I haven't killed this peace lily yet!

I just thought these pictures were cute. The pets love to lay on the heat vents to keep warm.

sneak peak...

I hope to be posting pictures of my bedroom soon. Its getting there....finally. :)

Here is a photo of my pink & black booth at the antique mall.

If I am not working, I am usually working on my booth or out searching for stuff to sell in my booth. (not working on my house or decorating my house) This is why nothing ever gets done anymore!! I make a little extra cash selling items. Plus, its just fun!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Hopefully it won't be another year before I post again. lol


  1. Oh man...where to start?! First, I missed you bloggy friend...missed your awesome house reno posts and missed the comments from you on my own blog too! :) Second, I LOVE the red outdoor furniture and your new dining room set up. Third, I SO SO want a large fisher price dog just like yours...I've never seen one that huge, what is it? I totally covet it now! I had the mini version from the play set when I was a kid.
    Welcome back!

  2. thanks monkey! I must say that your photographer that you are doing now is amazing!!!!! Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment. I need to stop being so darn busy with work!!!! lol I bought the f.price dog from a dealer at work. It actually comes apart in pieces also. He is very cute in my living room.

  3. What an awesome surprise to see a current blog ! i'm diggin all the new swag you got from work! I really love the new dining room chairs. Actually, I have that red Ikea rug you covet for your room and as I saw your post I thought, "That rug I got in my office would be perfect with those chairs!" I know you're busy but dont forget about your faithful friends in Bloggerland we wanna know what youve been up to! Cyber friend can miss you too!

  4. Welcome back, I've missed your posts! Your house is looking fantastic.


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