Puppy ~ Little Chloe

*I have fallen off the face of the earth*

But I got a new cute puppy! :) Meet Chloe! She is only 8weeks old in these photos. They were taken in October 2008.

I never even check my email anymore! My job the last year has consumed my life. I hardly spend anytime working on my projects around my house. So, sitting down to type a long blog entry and uploading pictures just doesn't happen anymore. :(
I do miss it!!!! Hopefully someday I can get back to the interior design/blog world.


  1. She is so cute!!

    Did you adopted her?

  2. Hey there buddy! Nice to see you again...it's been a crazy long time! I love your new baby Chloe, so cute! Have you seen the newest addition to our pack, Lucy? She has been so much fun and way too adorable! Hope you're doing well.

  3. Hey Jessie,
    Welcome back! Thanks for leaving me a comment. It was so great to hear from you my design twin!Glad to hear you're loving your job and congrats to you too for your newest addition! Chloe is a cutie!
    Mod Diva


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