Netflix Must See: If A Tree Falls

I've actually wanted to share this film on my blog for awhile now. I first watched it months ago and today I watched it again for thd second time. The film is called If A Tree Falls. It's a documentary about an "eco terrorist" group that protested by burning buildings down. Sound insane? I was shocked at how many emotions this film evoked in me.

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I laughed, cried, cheered and felt my heart break for these supposed eco terrorist. I hate that term so much. To some their acts were acts of terrorism, to others they were heroes. They never actually physically hurt anyone. They did however leave businesses shut down and some peoples lives ripped apart emotionally. The film mainly talks about Daniel McGowan who was on of the main people connected to the fires that were set against companies that did logging and other harmful things to the environment. The acts were extreme but these individuals knew it would send a strong message.

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Something I really enjoyed about this film is that they showed both sides of the story. Yes, it mainly was Daniel and others talking about the things that they had done, but he wasn't looking for pity. It's a nice insight into the mind of a very passionate environmentalist. Even if you don't agree with some of the actions that he and others did, you get a chance to really understand it.

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The film isn't just about fires by the way. It shows all kinds of peaceful protests that built up the anger that lead to the fires being set. Things like women being peppered sprayed in their eyes while they literally sat there helpless. The girl is screaming, "Please don't do this! I just want to save some trees!". This movie shock me to my core. I could really relate to a lot of the things they were saying and feeling. It's ashame that things turn out this way in our world. I don't want to tell you what happens to Daniel and the other group members. You should watch it yourself to see. Here is the official trailer for the film....


  1. When I was working at a library about a year ago my co-worker/friend and I would receive the new items in. It was part of our job and the best part because we got to learn about all kinds of films and books. This one came in as one the library ordered, for our documentaries section, and my friend immediately came over and said "Aubrey, this one sounds up your alley." So I put a hold on it right away, got it and loved it!

    Did you happen to get a chance to read my Earthship home post. In it I share a documentary I think you might enjoy and it's about a man, Mike Reynolds, who fought and fought because he wanted to put sustainable housing out there. He is the epitome of an environmentalist, if you ask me. I especially love his rule breaking attitude. The film is called Garbage Warrior. I know you are interested in off the grid homes and that post was my most favorite to write. :)

    Cheers to really giving a care about the environment and about our future!! :)

    1. I plan to watch that movie really soon. Being in Ohio is making it hard for me to have time for my blog and other things. :( I am very interested in the off the grid homes. The Earthship homes are truly like a piece of art. I look so forward to watching you build yours!

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    1. Awesome. Let me know what you think after you watch it.

  3. Woh! Epic film. I will watch it straight away

    1. It is really awesome. One of my favorites for sure. :)

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    1. It's really good! Let me know what you think.

    2. I will! It'll probably be in May when I visit my family and friends.


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