Kohler Sinks by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler has teamed up with Kohler to introduce a new FUN line of colorful sinks!
Oh how I am dreaming of my next kitchen remodel and how I would love to have one of these sinks in it...kohler-adler-jonathanadler-lg Images from PSFK kohler_icff_2012-4
The sinks were revealed at the ICFF Design Show in New York a few weeks ago.
kohler_icff_2012-2 Jonathan-Adler-Sink b-p-5-kohler-sinks
I need one of these sinks. I also love the turquoise of course.
I predict there will be a pink one sooner or later! *fingers crossed*
Check out Kohlers website HERE.


  1. Oh Jessie.. this is too awesome. The other day Duane and I went to look at fridges. Of course I was looking at the 3,000 ones that had cameras and calenders (not gonna happen). And now I think I will lust after a yellow sink!!! Love it!! (Also Im back blogging).

  2. Glad you are back to blogging! Aren't these sinks amazing? Someday I we own a house again. Someday...


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