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Thrifty Finds: My Living Room Chairs

While thrifting a few weeks ago I found some cute mid-century modern chairs! It was $15 for the pair.
I needed chairs to put at my vintage table in my living room. I was getting so sick of looking! Everything I wanted started at $150 each. When you go thrifting over and over and NEVER find anything, you get very discouraged. I am glad I didn't go buy anything expensive and was patient.
LR Painted Chairs1
I am very happy with the end result. The fabric is from JoAnn's and only cost me $6 for 2yards!
LR Painted Chairs2
The fabric gave me another POP of turquoise in my living room! YAY!
LR Chairs3
Chloe likes to wiggly, run in circles and play when I am trying to photograph her! She is so cute!
LR Chairs4
Stay tuned for photos of the entire living room!
(and more cute pictures of Chloe.)

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My Thrifted Hexagon Table

I finally painted my table that I purchased a few months ago at a thrift store for $10! I decided to spray paint it Rust-Oleum Berry Pink. I still have to find knobs for it, because unfortunately it was missing one.
Hexagon Table Before
The first thing I did was sanded the table and primed it using BULLS EYE 1-2-3 Primer. I also used Rust-Oleum spray paint primer to get the ornate design on the wood better.
Hexagon Table Logo1
The table is in our front entryway. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our house.Hexagon Table 2
I have had the mirror for years! It used to be gold and I painted it white...Mirror1Hexagon Table3
I am really happy with the way the table came out! I am so sick of my ugly rental walls. I don't want to paint because we probably will be moving again in a year anyways. Looking around my house I notice that it looks like a toy store / fun house or something. All the colors and toys for decor. lol I plan to make our next home more "grown up".


Inspiration: Beautiful Painted Credenza

Lately I have been wanting to spray paint everything! Why does it have to be winter right now? It seems like on my days off it's always windy and snowing. So even painting in the garage is out of the question since it's not heated. I am dying to find a dresser or buffet to paint yellow for my dining room. Every trip to the thrift stores lately have left me empty handed. I originally planned on painting my buffet (that I don't have yet) with a roller and a can of paint, but I may just go with spray paint instead! Look at this BEAUTIFUL spray painted buffet by Jenny from Little Green Notebook....
Credenza by Jenny
My jaw dropped when I saw this thing!!!!Credenza by Jenny
This was all the inspiration I needed to decide to use spray paint instead! The only thing that will keep me from not using spray paint, is if I don't like the color of yellow offered in the spray paint selection. I would really just like to get a paint sprayer, but I just don't feel like spending the money on one right now! Jenny has step by step directions on her blog on how she painted her buffet. She also did some other awesome stuff in her home office makeover!
Credenza by Jenny
I am super jealous of her office, but I will use that jealously to motivate me to go shopping this weekend for my own awesome buffet! lol Thanks Jenny for the great inspiration!


My California Photo Collage Wall

Over the weekend I finally had some nice enough weather to bust out my spray paint. I couldn't wait to start working on my photo collage wall. When I started this project I didn't know what colors I wanted the frames to be or even what pictures were going to go in the frames! It all started when I designed a cute California print...
California Print
Then I decided I wanted to just frame pictures that I took in California....
California Wall Collage
I decided to just stick with white and silver frames. Most of the frames were black and I spray painted them glossy white. I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer, I highly recommend it! I decided to put scrapbook paper in the 12"x12" frames and just tape a photo printed out as a 8"x 8" on top of the paper.
California Collage Detail 1California Collage Detail 3
I am pretty happy with how it looks. Cody even loves it! We really love California, so the pictures really trigger some happy memories! My other project over the weekend was my $4 Kmart Frame. It got a pretty in pink makeover!
Pink Collage Frame and Vinylmations
I decided to put some photos from our last Disney Vacation in the frame. We really had some funny pictures taken. I used my TJUSIG rack from IKEA to set my Vinylmations on. I just took the hooks off of it and it became the perfect shelf for my figurines. It is nice finally seeing some things on my blank walls...

This was a fun project! I may do another frame collage on the wall you can't see in the photos! We'll see....


Key Lime Green Curio

Things that I am drawn to has changed so much when it comes to decorating. Cody will see me pick out certain things while we are shopping, and he just gives me this look that says,"Oh! Please No! That's not going in our house!" I have been so inspired by other bloggers to buy more second hand items and breath new life into them. In the past I would buy furniture all the time that I planned on painting. Problem was I lacked motivation and time. Things are different now. I try to only have so many projects at a time to pace myself. Last weekend I found this cute little Wall Curio Cabinet for $7.00....
Wall Cabinet Before
The weather was mild enough this week to spray paint out on my patio. I lightly sanded the cabinet because it did have a glossy finish. I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Spray Paint. First I applied 1 coat of primer. The only color of spray paint I had was Key Lime....
Wall Cabinet Paint
I decided instead of going and buying more paint I would just use what I had. Plus, I love the bright Key Lime green. I applied about 3 coats. Some of the little corners were hard to get and I had to apply more paint to them. I love how bright the green is....
Wall Cabinet Green1
I am very happy with the end result. I bought it with the plan of putting some of my toy figurines in it...
Wall Cabinet Finished
The cabinet is hanging in our front entry by our front door! I still have many projects for the front entry area, so I will reveal it when I get more projects finished.