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I haven't been posting a lot on my blog because I haven't been near my computer. I have been out doing stuff and I am only going to get busier. Cody comes home to Ohio in 12 days!! I took a few days this week to go look at Sofas. The selection in Wyoming is limited, so I figured I should look while I was here. I decided to go somewhere I never would think to look, Macy's. The best part is they will ship to my apartment in Wyoming! I am waiting for Cody to get here so he can help me make the decision. Of course he is an awesome husband and says to me, "Just get what you want. I trust you!" (AMAZING!) I did find a couch that I can get made in pink, but I won't do that to him! lol Here are a few of my favorite sofas from Macy's...

The Chloe
This sofa is covered in a micro fiber velvet. The sofa looks so grown up and I love it's curves. I think a Warhol Marilyn Monroe print would look great over it!
I like both colors that it comes in, not sure which one I would get. Probably the gray. The only "bad" thing about this sofa is, I don't think Cody and I can really cuddle together on it. If I went with this sofa collection I would get the sofa for Cody and the love seat for me. lol I am in love with the Chloe collection!! The chair is very cute also...
I love the chrome lamps they had at Macy's. I really want a set of big chrome lamps...
Then there is the Milo sectional that I love but it's not as comfy as the Chloe. You would think it is. I really want a couch that we can lay together on and put our legs up on! That is why the sectional is good for us...
The sectional does come in a dark gray. The back cushions are really comfy but the seat is kinda firm. This is when I need Cody's feedback on the couch before I spend the money!!! Last but not least, there is the Elliot...
This sofa is super comfy and does come in gray also. (I really want a gray sofa!) I would get the ottoman for sure so Cody can put his feet up! I love the cute chair...

Decisions, Decisions!!! Which one do you like for me? I think the first two are the most modern looking. The Elliot may not be contemporary enough, but I think it may work once all my other stuff is with it. It all comes down to comfort! Cody and I love to watch movies and cuddle! If we can't do that, then there is not point.


Inspiration: Sofa & Living Room

Whenever I do finally decide to buy new furniture I am really going to have a hard time picking things out. I like to many different colors and styles. I have always bought neutral colored sofas so that I can change the color scheme in my rooms easier. I am bored with white sofas now. I would love a pop of color! Here are 4 styles of sofas and color schemes I love right now...
Turquoise Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Yellow Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Pink Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

Neutral Sofa Inspiration1{LINKS}
Sofa | Room 1 | Room 2

I am already bored with my apartment, which tells me that my design tastes are changing. My apartment is just "cluttered" to me. I really like simple interiors and that is how my old house was. I kept my living room the same at my old house for over 3 years because I decorated it right for me. I can't wait to move at the end of the year with Cody and design a place that we will stay at for at least a few years.