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Sponsor Post: Pony Chops Custom Shoes

Hello there! My name is Chantal from PonyChops The Blog. I'm an illustrator, a vegan, a tea lover, an amateur baker and expert cake scoffer. I'm often described as a mermaid without the mermaid parts because I always have bright & colourful hair and eyebrows.

I'd like to tell you all about my main passion: shoe design. I first got in to shoe design when I decided to jazz up a pair of my sad old brogues by painting them with some cute little teddy bear faces. I loved those little shoes, and they traveled everywhere with me. Wherever I went people would admire my teddy shoes and ask me where I got them.

This is when I decided to set up my etsy shop: Ponychops.

I now specialize in hand painted, customized shoes. People tell me what they want painted, and I paint it on shoes for them. Here are some of my favourites:

skulls foxy

I hope you enjoyed looking at my shoes! Thank you for reading and thank you to Jessie for inviting me to Guest post!
Feel free to hop on over to my blog and say Hi :)

Thanks Chantal for sharing your lovely shoes!! You are very talented!!

This is a scheduled post while I am on vacation at Disney World! Be back soon!