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Mini's Out & About #2

Here is my second edition of Mini's Out & About! There was one day last month where I swear I saw like 6 of them in one day! Sadly they were on the other side of the highway while we were driving. Too fast to snap photos. We actually saw one with a roof rack and a bike rack! I was so excited, because that's what we want. :) So here are my next set of Mini's that I have caught photos of while out....

MINI orange 650x850 Mini Collage2 3cars july MINI passing us 650x650
They are so adorable! I love them so much!
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Mini's Out & About

Okay, call me crazy, strange and/or weird, but I wanted to start a blog series featuring Mini Coopers that I see around when I am out and about. Cody and I love Mini's. Back in the winter our Saturn VUE was having lots of trouble and we spent $2000 on repairs and new tires. We were so frustrated about it at the time. It felt like the end of the world. We almost drove down to Ft. Collins Colorado to the BMW dealership to look at Mini's. I am so glad we didn't, because I know we would of came home with a new car. Yes, new cars are awesome, but car payments are not. We came to our senses and spent the money on all the repairs for the Saturn and still have no car payments. YAY! One day in June when we were shopping in Colorado I saw this mini and I decided that I wanted to start photographing them....

Our favorite Mini so far...MINI pimped out 650x850 Mini Collage 3cars july
MINI on a trailer 650x650
Saw both these on the same day! One on a trailer and one being pulled!

MINI being pulled 650x650
I really like white ones. I think they are pretty.

MINI pretty white 650x650
The coolest one I saw was last weekend at Starbucks and I DIDN'T HAVE MY CAMERA!
It had a checkered roof and side mirrors!
Not very many people seem to get the cool decals that the dealership offers.
My dream Mini would be custom painted orange with a hot pink and orange Union Jack roof!
So what do you think, cute or not?
{Don't worry this won't be a weekly post, maybe monthly if that. lol}