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My Expedit Bookcase

I have wanted an expedit bookcase from IKEA for years! I kept holding off because I dread moving it every time we move. I was sick of my dining room having a big blank wall, so I just bought one!!! YAY!
Expedit 4 650x600
I was even more excited to find out it now comes in high gloss white. I am glad I waited, because I really love the high gloss stuff that IKEA sells.
Watch my slide show to see my expedit come to life...

The bottom shelves will be full of photo albums and some pretty storage boxes. That's a project for another day! I am so excited to have something in my dining room finally! Our place is really starting to feel like a HOME.
Expedit 1 650x600
Expedit 2 650x900
My mom had kept all my plants for me when we moved out to Wyoming. We didn't have a safe way to take them with us and no extra space in our cars. I brought home a few with me after visiting, since I drove. My large Peace Lilly is so tall. It would not fit on top of any of my other bookcases without being smashed up against the ceiling. The expedit was a perfect place to house my plants.
Expedit 3 650x900
I am so happy to have my greenhouse now! I wanted it as soon as I saw it on the IKEA website. We were going to buy seeds and try to grow herbs, but we just go to the store and stare at the selection. We bought jalapeno plants instead. Not sure what we will put in the middle pot yet. Hopefully I don't kill them.
Expedit 5 650x600
Expedit 7 650x900
I got some great cookbooks while in Ohio. One store I miss very much is Half Price Books. I paid less then $30 for all the cookbooks. If you ever get a chance to go to Half Price Books,...GO! The other great thing about the expedit bookcase is that I was able to pretty much fill it with all my last items that were homeless and stored in the closet. Somehow it all worked together I think! I still have a lot of Vinylmation Figurines that aren't displayed though. I hope to get a curio for the rest of my collection.
Expedit 6 650x900
My dining area is a perfect place for my vintage pyrex, vintage glassware, teapots, Vinylmations and Alice in Wonderland stuff! I originally wanted a vintage buffet that I could paint bright yellow, but I am sick of looking. I have always wanted an expedit and feel it was a perfect fit. I really would love to get a bold printed rug for under the table and chairs! That I will keep looking for. Also my walls would be painted turquoise if I was aloud to paint! (So sick of rentals!)

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The Expedit bookcase from IKEA is one of my favorite bookcases EVER! It works in all rooms and can be used in so many different ways! Funny thing is,...I DON'T HAVE ONE!!! Instead I just enjoy looking at images of the bookcase in others homes...
The Story Of HomeWhite Expedit
The Sassy Kathy & Olive & A
White ExpeditWhite Expedit
Arizona InetgiantOffice%2B1
Decor PadWhite Expedit
Why don't I have an Expedit? I didn't want to move it across the country! I am waiting till we buy our next house!!!
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Image source {HERE} Jessica Claires World
Expedit Shelf
Image source {HERE} Flickr user: Pilgrim_Lee
Image source {HERE} Chez Larsson              Image source {HERE} LMS

Expedit Shelf / Chez Larssonloungeinspirationbar

Image source {HERE} Whorange

I WILL have a white expedit shelf someday! lol ;) Actually, probably more than one. Here is a link to the shelves on IKEA's website. {HERE}