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Design Boards: Nursery Style

Years ago I had my own interior design business that specialized in decorating kids' rooms and nurseries. I think they are the most fun spaces to decorate. Since my urge to have a baby has kicked in, I wanted to throw some design boards together. Each board focuses on items from one store. I chose IKEA & Walmart this time around!

Design Board #1 \\ IKEA \\ Bold & Whimsical
Nursery Style featuring IKEA \\ Aug 2012
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I like mixing more grown up decor with baby stuff.
I tend to like nurseries that aren't overly "baby" themed.
IKEA always has great stuff with bold fun patterns!
My favorite thing is the curtains!
They have tree limbs with little birdies on them! CUTE!

Design Board #2 \\ Walmart \\ Pink & Girly
Nursery Style WALMART
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The crib on this design board is hands down my favorite and most affordable "modern" crib I can find.
When and if I do have a baby, that crib will be mine!
It also has great reviews!
I am also posting these design boards over on my baby blog, My Mod Baby!
I don't post over there much, but hope to change that in the future. :)


CONGRATS to KIM for winning the giveaway from Curio Design Studio! Thanks to all who entered and thanks to Allison for giving away one of her lovely designs!


Design Board - Vintage Modern Nursery

Kimberly from Custom Nursery Art contacted me in need of some help! She is having her own baby, so instead of designing stuff for other people, she needs a design for herself! She loves the color scheme: Pink, Gray & Yellow! She also loves the color Turquoise, but was afraid if she used all these colors it may be a bit to much. Well, I never believe you can have to MUCH COLOR!!! You just have to find a way to make it work! The Design Board I came up with for Kimberly has touches of vintage items and of course anything I design has to have MODERN. Here is what I came up with...

(Click on image to see larger)
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This design was tricky for me. I was determined to make it work! I started by visiting Kimberly's blog and looking at her nursery inspiration posts. I saw that she is drawn to striped walls. I found the picture of a room with gray and white painted stripes and thought of her right away. She could even just do this on one wall or if she wanted the ceiling.

Kimberlys color scheme board

The solid gray room above belongs to Erika Brechtel from Small Shop Studio. If Kimberly hasn't seen this nursery yet, she will fall in love with it! I saw the mirror and thought it would be great for Kimberly's Nursery. I don't know how she will feel about painting a vintage dresser pink, but I saw this one and I fell in love with the idea.

Kimberlys pink dresser board

One thing Kimberly said she really wanted in her nursery was pattern. I saw the turquoise curtains and fell in love. It would give her a great pop of color! I thought a great way for her to pull her color scheme together would simply be frame fabric or scrapbook paper. Again, it would add more pattern! Kimberly is very creative! I think she will have a wonderful nursery once she gets all her ideas together and starts decorating.

Happy Decorating Kimberly! Hope I inspired you!
If you are interested in having me design a board for you go {HERE}


Design Boards - Meredith's Nursery

Alice emailed me to help her come up with some ideas for her little girls nursery. She wanted a modern nursery with clean lines but still have a feminine touch. Here are my design boards and ideas...
meredith nursery furniture board{LINKS}
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I selected white modern furniture. I also picked the 3 Drawer Chest from IKEA to be used as a changing table. The inspiration piece is a photo that is special to Alice and her husband. They really would like to hang it in the nursery. I pulled the color scheme from the photo. I love black nurseries and thought it would pretty with all the items I picked out. Here is Design Plan 1 :
Merediths nursery design plan 1{LINKS}
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Design Plan 2 :
Merediths nursery design plan 2{LINKS}
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This plan has more pops of color! I love the rug and it really inspired the whole color scheme. The great thing about the bedding is it is also available in other colors if Alice didn't want to do red. Bright red bedding in a white modern crib would be very pretty though! Here are some storage pieces I love for Meredith's nursery...
meredith nursery extra stuff{LINKS}
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Number 2 is the TROFAST system sold at IKEA. The frame also comes in white! I think this piece is nice to tuck away in a corner or on a wasted wall. Great for toys or whatever else you want to use the bins for. Picture ledges are a great simple way to display books and small knick knacks. When gathering my ideas for Meredith's nursery I was really inspired by this nursery.

Image source: Oh Dee Doh / Nursery belongs to Maeve Rosalind

Now does it make sense why I love black walls for Meredith's nursery!? I have painted rooms black and I think its a myth that it "shrinks" the room. It gives a room instant interest and makes everything POP in the room! Whatever Alice and her husband decide I wish them luck and most of all FUN while decorating for their sweet bundle of joy!


My New Baby Blog

My New Blog - Feb 2010
I have been wanting to start a baby blog for months now. I have started to want a baby off and on for the past few years now. I am approaching 30 years old and I have always wanted one around this time. Current life events hold me back from having one and I plan to go to college in the next few years also. {Its a long story for another post another day}

With that said, I didn't want people who follow My Mod Style to be bored with "baby talk", so I thought it would be better to have a different place for baby stuff. That way YOU the reader can decide if you care about me rambling on about how cute this is and what colors I want in my nursery. etc etc etc...

My baby blog still needs a lot of work. Currently it is just mainly featuring nurseries that inspire me and design boards I have made. You can check it out here : My Mod Baby

{I am open to suggestions & ideas about things to post on the baby blog!}



Baby Boy Nursery

My ideas if I had a baby boy......

10x10 taylor mod nursery 1 jpg

I am loving aqua & orange together. I am not a huge fan of brown, but it looks good with white furniture!


Nursery Love

Today I designed this design board for myself! I am always thinking of ideas for a nursery I DON'T have yet. Someday.....

Modern Alice in Wonderland Nursery {plan 1}


Baby Furniture

I was searching the web for modern baby furniture and found this......

Its the "Avalon Collection" from Lullabys. Only problem, for me, is that you can only buy it if you live in the UK. I searched on the web everywhere hoping another website would have it!!! Nope. :( I like this furniture because it is ALL WHITE and has great lines!

I can find tons of modern cribs / furniture that I like, but its so expensive! I am way to "thrifty" to pay $1,600 for a crib! I just can't do it. I did find a few cribs I like......
This one is from Walmart for $300 ~

This one is Babies R Us for $300 ~

Can you tell I got "babies" on the brain? hahahaha


Design Boards for Design Dazzle

Toni from Design Dazzle asked me to make her some design boards for her website using her products. Design Dazzle is a great source for interior design ideas for kids rooms. ( Which just happens to be my favorite thing to design! ) Design Dazzle has a great selection of decor & bedding for any nursery or child's room. Also visit the Design Dazzle blog!

Here are the design boards I designed :

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

Design Dazzle Design Board

All items on my design boards are from



I found a great baby website yesterday!

They have a huge selection of cribs, nursery decor, and baby bedding! Here are a few things I loved!
Butterfly Paisley Bedding ~

Bebe Crib

Bebe 5 drawer chest

Sparrow Crib

Mercer Crib

How about cute diaper bags! Here are a few of my favorites!
Zany Zinnias

Skull and Cross Bones

OiOi Pink Floral Bag

If you are expecting a baby, thinking about having a baby, or just love to look at cute things, go check out there website!


waiting for mini mcdonald

I am obsessed with my Adobe Photo Shop Program and having a baby. I want to decorate a nursery so badly. I am not pregnant and should wait atleast till the end of the year to start trying to get pregnant. When I signed into my blog today, I saw that I had a new follower.

Her name is Jillian. She is having a baby girl in October. Her blog is "waiting for mini mcdonald". She is still trying to pick out her nursery decor and feels a bit overwhelmed with decisions. It is hard to pick your nursery decor! There are so many choices out there. As soon as you fall in love with one thing, see something else!!!!! On her blog she is asking for advise. I thought with my sudden obsession with photo shop I would make her some design boards. :)

Design 1 ~ Girly MOD
Nursery Design Board - Scottlyn
Jillian seems to pick out modern decor the most. She likes green and pink together. (Which I must say, I also love this color combo!) This design is a bit "over the top" with the patterns and colors. It's a nursery I would love for my little girl.

Design 2 ~ Birds & Flowers
Scottlyn Design Board - Birds & Flowers
This nursery design is more calming. The design still has a modern feel & a girly look.

Design 3 ~ Pink Taffy
Scottlyn Design Board - Pink Taffy
Pink, pink, and some more pink. I love the "pink taffy" bedding.

I hope Jillian gets some ideas and inspiration from these design boards. If anyone wants to know where any of the items came from, just leave me a comment. I will get the link for you. :) Jessie


*Nursery Design Boards*

No, I am not having a baby! My husband and I are talking about it. We have to get some more work done on our house before we have a baby. I have just been playing with my Photo Shop making design boards. I really want a baby girl.

I have started to collect Alice in Wonderland items. I thought using them as my inspiration to decorate a nursery would be fun. I would love to paint some murals of Alice on the walls! I would love to collect some vintage teapots, cups, and saucers to decorate with also. I have tons of ideas, but no baby. lol Designing and Dreaming is still so much fun!!!


Ooh La La Nursery

My booth for the Home & Garden Show. I am hoping that this show will jump start my business, specializing in Interior Design for kids' rooms. I just have to get my name out there!! :) I based the theme on the bedding called, Ooh La La by Kimberly Grant. I decided to paint the bottom part of the walls black to make the design more interesting. I am very excited to see what people are going to think and say!! I hand-painted poodles and the words on the walls.