Who am I and what is My Mod Style all about?

Well it's easier for me to tell you about my blog so let's start there. I started my blog back in 2007 when I purchased a Mid-Century Modern home that was falling apart. It needed completely rehabbed and lots of love. I posted weekly pictures on my blog of my husband and I remodeling our home. It was a life experience that's for sure! We lived in our Mid-Century Modern home till the end of 2010 when we sadly had to sell our house when we couldn't afford it anymore. The name My Mod Style came from my love of mid-century modern furnishings, ultra modern decor and things that look like they belonged in the Jetsons house. Since then my style is more eclectic, I think it happens with age.
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My goal of my blog is to inspire people. If I can inspire one person, then I feel like all my blogging is worth while. I showcase my own design projects and my own home on my blog. I love decorating and being creative.
I design for fun. I don't claim to be professional or great at it. I am self-taught and enjoy learning new things everyday. I know I have a lot to learn still and hope to keep growing as a designer. My design philosophy is something I read in a magazine once, "Take the vision and run with it". That is pretty much how I decorate. 
I picture a room decorated in my head and as crazy as some of my ideas are, I still just go with it!  (Breaking many interior design rules along the way!)  I love bold and bright colors balanced out with white walls or white furnishings.
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I am now 30 years old and looking forward to seeing where my thirties take me. I am the type of person that believes you should treat people the way you want to be treated. I believe in saying thank you and please. I always try to have a smile on my face and have a positive outlook on life. I am happily married to my husband Cody, who I mention a lot of my blog. (Lucky Him!) We have been together over 8 years now. Last year he joined the United States Air Force. It has completely changed our lives. We grew up in the state of Ohio and now live in the state of Wyoming. Last year we also had the chance to live in California for 4 months, which was a very special time in my life. You can read more about that {HERE}  Our goal is to move back to California in a few years. *fingers crossed*  It is strange to go from a life where you never even went on vacation, to now living 1200 miles away from your family.  I went from a life growing up around corn and farms to mountains in my backyard.  It's pretty awesome!
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I collect a crap load of stuff. Mostly vintage toys, Alice in Wonderland stuff,Disney Vinylmations and Hello Kitty. I love love love shopping at antique malls and thrift stores. I worked in the antique business for 7 years.
I am a complete caffeine junkie. I eat a plant based diet, so I guess I call myself a Vegan. My favorite color is pink, but I also really love turquoise and yellow. I have to admit that I love Twilight and Robert Pattinson.
(Try not to roll your eyes! lol)
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I love expensive sports cars, which sucks because they are expensive.  I do have a more practical side though that wants to buy a Mini-Cooper or Prius. I love photography and taking pictures. I love planting flowers and playing in the dirt.  I love nature and animals.  I am fascinated with the ocean and all the creatures in it.  I would love to be a Sea Shepherd someday if I can find the courage to go face to face with the people killing the animals in our ocean.  I love to recycle, because I know it does make a huge difference and it's so simple to do. I take pride in working hard and having a strong work ethic. If you just read all that, thanks. :)
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If you see something on my blog that inspires you feel free to use it on your blog/website if you give me credit and link back to my blog post. It is the nice thing to do! Do not use my posts or images as your own, please.  If you find a image on my blog that belongs to you please let me know. I will either credit the image to you or remove it from my blog if you'd like. Most of the images are mine or images I find online that inspire me. I try to always link the images back to the place I found them.

Thank you to all that follow my blog. I just do this for fun and love your kind comments. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions or even just to say hi!
Thanks Always!
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